Marguerite is a two-songwriter duo whose harmonies and multi-instrumentalism coalesce in an ambient folk sound.


Abigail Reynolds and Josiah Spangler formed Marguerite in the summer of 2011 with the intention of creating real, original music. After writing their first song, Misery, the songs kept coming, and eventually, Marguerite had amassed a repertoire of songs—some tell stories, others convey ideas, and musically, each of them varies from the next. Soon after forming, Marguerite began showcasing their songs around Lewisburg and Princeton, West Virginia, playing venues such as The Wild Bean, The Lewis Theatre, The Livery Tavern, and the Spare Oom Coffeehouse.


In early 2012, Marguerite began preparing to record after spending the previous year testing-out, experimenting-with, and honing their songs. In the summer of 2012, the recording began. Kenney Clutter, their producer, along with many others, helped make the project a success. Marguerite's self-titled, seven-song album is available for purchase on CD Baby and iTunes.


While Marguerite is a duo project, they are often accompanied by other musicians, namely Mark Spangler, who plays mandolin, percussion, additional guitar, and sings harmonies, Jeremiah Hatfield, who plays electric guitar and mandolin, and Evan Olds, who plays upright bass and percussion.


Marguerite's musical variety continues to grow and continues to reward the duo and audiences alike. The duo credits their community, their families, and peers for their success.


Please enjoy the website, but most of all, enjoy the music.